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Novi was once a small city but now is a thriving destination for many businesses and has become home to one of the biggest shopping malls in the state of Michigan. Novi is located in Oakland County and is often times called the “new direction” of the state of Michigan since many companys that come from overseas prefer to call Novi home.
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A 47 year old woman was recently found staggering down a street in Novi with her four year old child about 50 feet behind her. Witnesses told the police that at one point Mary Rollins was found passed out on the front yard of a nearby residence and wasn’t responding to her 4 year old child crying next to her. When deputies found Ms. Rollins she a blood alcohol level of .164 and the legal limit for drunk drivers is .08. Ms. Rollins has been charged with fourth degree child abuse and child neglect.
Novi has several different courts that serve the city. The first is the Oakland County Probate Court which takes on such cases as decedent estates and wills, trusts, guardianships, and mental health. The 52nd District Court – 1st Division also serves the residents of Novi. Most likely if you have a case involving real property or a contract you will be reporting to the 52nd District Court. Another court to serve Novi is the Oakland County Circuit Court which is a trial court. The Circuit Court handles cases involving civil matters, criminal matters, and appeals from the District Court and Probate Court.
Often time’s courts can differ in their procedures and requirements in successfully filing a case. This may seem like a frustrating process for many of us which is why if you are facing a legal matter it is important to have a Novi lawyer to ease the process through the sometimes complicated court system.
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