There are many laws and regulations related to the tax process. Tax law is exceptionally complicated and in constant change.

Tax situations that may require a tax lawyer:

Corporate Tax Lawyers

Corporations are taxed differently than individuals, and other small businesses. A corporation is the only type of business that must pay its own income tax on the profits it makes in contrast to partnerships and limited liability companies.

Note that tax laws can vary widely from state to state. For instance, tax law in Montana may have different requirements than North Dakota tax laws.

Income Tax Lawyers

Income tax is a type of tax that the government imposes on individuals depending on their income. The tax rate may increase as the income increases.

International Tax Lawyers

Unlike U.S citizens who are taxed on any income that they earn in the United States, international tax deals with how much taxes must be paid by U.S citizens or foreign corporations who are receiving some type of payment or income from foreign countries.

Property Tax Lawyers

Property tax is tax that is imposed by the government on real property. This type of property may be land, improvements on land, personal property, and intangible property.

Tax Evasion Lawyers

Tax evasion is a crime that involves an individual or corporation providing false or insufficient information to the IRS to avoid paying taxes. A falsification may involve intentionally misrepresenting tax information, inflating deductions, unreported income, or transferring income to offshore accounts.

IRS Auditing

An IRS audit is a review or examination of an individual’s or business’ accounts and financial information. The purpose of the audit is to determine whether tax information has been accurately provided as required by federal tax laws. Being audited does not always mean that an error has been found.