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Haddon Heights, NJ, was first settled in 1699, but grew in the early 20th century as well-to-do city dwellers moved to Haddon Heights’ larger single family homes. Camden County, Haddon Heights today retains its turn of the century charm, with tree-lined streets, a network of parks, playgrounds, and recreational facilities, high performing schools, and a thriving business community.
If you have a case in Haddon Heights, you may need a Haddon Heights lawyer. Lawyers in Haddon Heights have experience in handling legal matters involving employment, family disputes, business, criminal cases, real estate, or any other matter you may face.
Haddon Heights attorneys recently brought suit against a nearby township’s police department. The lawsuit alleged harassment of an African-American Haddon Heights resident after he was stopped by police when returning home from work at night. The plaintiff argued that after receiving tickets for traffic violations, he was chased by police, handcuffed, and arrested. The case was settled in November 2008.
Cases in New Jersey may be filed in a number of different courts. Attorneys in Haddon Heights will usually bring a case in the Haddon Heights Municipal Court, the Camden County Hall of Justice, the Appellate Division of the Superior Court, and the Supreme Court of New Jersey. Each court is unique, and a local Haddon Heights attorney can assist you with navigating the ins and outs of the New Jersey court system.
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