Having a legal issue come up in your life can be a troubling experience. If you live in Massachusetts, though, there are resources available to you that can reduce your stress.

First, the Massachusetts Bar Association maintains a helpful legal advice service. One day each month you can call its Dial-A-Lawyer program and receive basic legal advice. This service is free to use.

If you do in fact need a lawyer, the Massachusetts Bar Association offers an attorney referral service. You can obtain lawyer referrals either by calling their service directly or by filling out a short online form. Up to 3 attorneys will be referred to you per case. The attorney referral service is free to use, and the initial consultation fee with your lawyer is limited to $25.

If you prefer a local approach, the American Bar Association (ABA) offers good information. The ABA’s website has information on about 10 County Bar Associations in Massachusetts. These counties maintain their own attorney referral services, most of which can only be reached by telephone.

Finally, there are private options available to you as well. A quick web search will bring up several attorney referral services. These services are generally free to use, and will provide multiple referrals. Also, most offer additional information about their referrals, including education and work history.

While a legal problem can be stressful, the task of finding a good lawyer does not need to be. These attorney referral services can make the process easier and quicker than it would be if you searched on your own. LegalMatch can make that search for a Massachusetts lawyer right now, considering posting your case using our easy rocess – just click the "Find a Lawyer" button above.