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Mayfield Heights was originally part of the Mayfield Township, but split off in 1925 after the Township became defunct. This did not stop the city from thriving and coming together to form strong bonds. Mayfield Heights hosts community unity days which brings the city’s people together for fun activities like a hot-wing eating competition, and a Hula Hoop contest.

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In addition, the city also has a large number of excellent Mayfield Heights lawyers. If you need legal assistance, these attorneys are able to help you in areas of law such as bankruptcy, foreclosure, divorce, family law, tax, personal injury, and many others.

In 2008, a Mayfield Heights woman sued the cemetery where her parents and child are buried. The lawsuit argues that the cemetery did not tell the Mayfield Heights woman about the plans for an oil well to be drilled near her family crypt. In addition to this claim, the woman alleges that the cemetery failed to fulfill its promise to redo the foundation of the family crypt and to replace the rotting caskets in which her parents are buried. Although private by nature, the Mayfield Heights’ woman claims to be filing the lawsuit so others do not have to go through the pain that she is dealing with.

Mayfield Heights is served by the Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court, which is a court of general jurisdiction and hears most types of cases and criminal prosecutions. If you have a case in Mayfield Heights, you will probably have to go to Cleveland to visit this court. Having an experienced local attorney by your side as you walk into the courtroom will be a major plus for your case.

But how should you find the right local attorney for your case? Cuyahoga is one of the more populous counties in Ohio, and searching through the phone book is not a very efficient way to find an attorney. Here at LegalMatch, we have a tried and true system that allows you to fill out a simple form on our website, and within 48 hours, qualified Mayfield Heights attorneys will contact you. So put down the phone book and check us out!

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