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Lynn, MA was first settled in 1629 by Edmund Ingalls, and officially incorporated as a city in 1853. Industry in Lynn was driven by shoe-making into the early 19th century, and today the city's seal still bears a boot keystone as reminder of its past. Modern industry in Lynn includes a jet engine division of General Electric, meat packing, dairy processing, and production of Marshmallow Fluff by Durkee-Mower. Roughly 90,000 residents currently call Lynn home. Area recreational opportunities include Lynn Woods, the nation's second largest municipal park, the Lynn Museum, and the High Rock Tower and Observatory.

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Numerous Lynn lawyers are attracted to the city's history. These lawyers are experienced in dealing with legal matters of all kinds, from business matters, criminal prosecution and defense, employment, immigration, personal injury, to medical malpractice and beyond.
Lawyers in Lynn were recently involved in both sides of litigation between a middle school student and the City of Lynn. The Breed Middle School Student alleged that he suffered serious personal injury after slipping and falling on snow in the Breed Middle School yard when walking from his bus to the school's entrance. The student alleges that the City of Lynn acted carelessly and negligently in maintaining the school premises. The student is seeking $100,000 in damages for ongoing medical care and treatment.
The court system of Massachusetts consists of a trial Court (divided into 7 departments), court of appeals, and the state supreme court. Lynn lawyers typically argue a case in the Lynn District Court, the Essex Superior Court, the Appeals Court of Massachusetts, or the Supreme Judicial Court. Each court has its own unique rules and procedures; a local Lynn attorney can help to make you aware of any rules you may need to follow. can help you to find an experienced Lynn attorney for your case.  Our confidential, free service provides allows you to anonymously review the background of pre-screened lawyers. Our website also provides helpful tips on selecting the right attorney and information on popular legal topics. With LegalMatch you can present your case and receive an attorney response within 24 hours.
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