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Haverhill was an important player in the American Industrial Revolution. Massachusetts was once a major industrial center of the United States, and Haverhill's gristmills, watermills, and tanneries provided the power and raw goods needed to fuel this industrious growth. The city was also the inspiration for the original Archie comics, and was the home of the first original Macy's department store.

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Haverhill lawyers can assist you with bankruptcy, personal injury litigation, real estate transactions, bankruptcy, and many others.
Attorneys around Haverhill are currently litigating a sexual harassment case between the Essex County sheriff’s department and a former Essex County correctional officer. The suit alleges that a male police officer sexually harassed a female correctional officer after their relationship formally ended. The lawsuit is happening in the Essex County Superior Court.
If your case in Haverhill winds up in court, it will likely end up in the Essex County Superior Court. You will need an experienced lawyer familiar with this court and its various rules and procedures. A local attorney in Haverhill is more likely to have this kind of local know how, and will also be familiar with local court staff, judges, and other Haverhill attorneys.
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