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The town of Braintree is part of the Greater Boston Area and was recently adopted a municipal charter. Braintree is a Norfolk County town that is home to about 34,000 residents. Some past Braintree notables include President John Quincy Adams, John Hancock, William Rosenberg who created Dunkin’ Doughnuts, and Thomas A. Watson who co-invented the telephone.
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With such standout citizens, it should be no surprise for you to find out that Braintree is also home to a number of talented Fairfield County lawyers. Lawyers in Braintree admit a broad variety of cases including: chapter 7 bankruptcy, estate administration, personal injury, green card immigration, and child custody cases.
MetroPCS recently filed a lawsuit against the town of Braintree and its zoning committee. The lawsuit seeks injunctions against the zoning board after their request for a special permit to heighten an existing tower was denied. The case has been filed in Middlesex District Court and is scheduled to be heard by Judge Douglas P. Woodlock.
If you are looking to file a lawsuit in Braintree, you will probably be visiting the Quincy District Court and filing with the Civil Division; however, court filing procedures vary greatly depending on your case, location, and type of dispute. To ensure you are filing correctly and will not lose time or money, you should consult a Braintree lawyer as soon as you know your case will require a lawyer.
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