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gloucester county lawyer,gloucester county attorney,gloucester lawyers,gloucester attorneys,Gloucester County, NJ is located near the Philadelphia metropolitan area and thrives with a vast agricultural industry. Gloucester was founded in 1696 and has since become one of the chief food producing sections in the country. Along with the agricultural industry there has been an influx of larger industries in the county which has helped keep the area in steady employment. The county also holds a rich history and thus has many areas of historical interest such as the major battlegrounds from the Revolutionary War. Gloucester County has continued to have a steady growth in residents while still preserving its natural history.

Recently in Gloucester County a man was convicted of aggravated manslaughter. John Creamer fatally attacked Lisa Hoopes in her apartment by stabbing her and bludgeoning her face with a hammer. He stated that he was doing this to put her out of her misery. Creamer was also found guilty of taking steps to conceal or destroy evidence of the attack. Mr. Creamer is scheduled to be sentenced and could face up to life in prison. The court believes that there are two others that participated in the assault against Ms. Hoopes. They are both charged with conspiracy to commit murder and hindering the subsequent apprehension.

John Creamer’s trial took place in a Gloucester County Superior Court which serves the entire Gloucester County area. Gloucester is also served by the Westville Municipal Court. The Municipal Courts in New Jersey are considered courts of limited jurisdiction, having responsibility for motor vehicle and parking tickets, minor criminal-type offenses. Many serious criminal cases, such as robbery, auto theft, or assault, start out as complaints filed in the Municipal Court but those cases are transferred to the Superior Court located at the county courthouse.

Gloucester County lawyers practice not only in criminal law but also in civil rights law, family law, wills & trust law, and personal injury law, among others.

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