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About New Jersey

New Jersey is one of only four states that continue to divide their courts into courts of law and courts of equity.  This judiciary system dates back to old England, where courts of law only awarded money damages, while courts of equity only issued injunctive relief.  Today, the distinction between issues of law and issues of equity continues to be relevant in certain ways.  For example, appellate courts apply a higher standard of review to issues of law than they do to issues of equity.

In the News: A recent decision by the Supreme Court of New Jersey set precedent in the field of animal law nationwide.  The state’s highest court unanimously stuck down New Jersey Department of Agriculture regulations, under which routine husbandry practices were considered “humane” and immune from liability. The court stated that factory farming practices may not be deemed humane merely because they are widely implemented.  The court also found a number of specific practices such as de-toeing without anesthesia to be inhumane, and clarified that farms would not escape liability merely by appointing a “knowledgeable person” to conduct the procedures in a way that minimized pain.

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Getting a lawyer in New Jersey may be a difficult task since the New Jersey Bar Association does not offer any sort of attorney referral service. However, most of the local county bar associations in New Jersey offer attorney referral services. These services are usually free, but there is a consultation fee ranging from $25-45.

If you are looking for more options, an attorney referral service or online legal service such as LegalMatch, we can provide you with access to New Jersey Lawyer who can help you with your case.

Another website for Attorney Referrals that can give you assistance is the Lawyer Referral Service in Essex County

Information About the Courts of New Jersey

In New Jersey, there are several different types of courts which include the New Jersey Supreme Court, the Appellate Division of New Jersey, New Jersey Tax Court, and the Municipal Courts.

Most of the cases that are filed in New Jersey are heard in the Municipal Courts which involve

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