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Washtenaw County is a great place to raise your family. The county has many parks that are open to the public year round and provide many trials for biking and hiking. Additionally, Washtenaw County has a fantastic library system where kids can go after school for some additional study time.
If you are facing legal charges in Washtenaw County, you should probably consider talking to one of the knowledgeable Washtenaw County lawyers. These attorneys are experienced in many areas of law including personal injury, tax, bankruptcy, car accidents, divorce, DUI, criminal defense, and more.
While most people within the United States were upset about the government bail out of insurance giant AIG, a Washtenaw County man took his displeasure a further step. The man filed a lawsuit claiming that the government acted in an unconstitutional manner when it bailed out AIG. He filed his case in federal court alleging that AIG has financial products that comply with Sharia principles and promote religion, specifically Islam. Although many thought that Washtenaw County man’s lawsuit would be dismissed offhand, he recently won a legal battle when the judge presiding over the case refused to throw it out.
If you have a lawsuit that arose in Washtenaw County, you will likely have to file your legal papers in the 14A District Court of Michigan. A local attorney can help you gather all the evidence and documents that you will need for your case.
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