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passaic county lawyer,passaic county attorney,passaic lawyers,passaic attorneys,Passaic County is a standout community that plays host to a number of attractions like Yogi Berra Stadium in Little Falls, Ringwood Manor State Park in Ringwood, Great Falls State Park in Paterson, and a personal favorite which is Skylands, the New Jersey State Botanical Garden. Patterson is the seat of Passaic County which is home to 490,000 residents that are incorporated into the New York Metropolitan Area.

A number of Passaic County’s residents are also practicing lawyers. Lawyers in Passaic County admit a wide variety of cases on which to advise, some normal examples include chapter 13 bankruptcy, divorce, personal injury, wrongful termination, and DUI cases.

Recently in Passaic County, Operation Silent Shield netted the Passaic County Sheriff’s three dozen child pornography offenders. One offender, Kevin Scully of North Haledon, pled guilty to utilizing file sharing software to make video clips containing child pornography available to others. Under Megan’s Law, Scully will have to register as a sex offender in addition to other penalties and fines.

If you are thinking of filing a lawsuit in Passaic County, you will likely be visiting the Civil Division of the Passaic Vicinage in Paterson. The Passaic Vicinage has jurisdiction over nearly every kind of case in Passaic including divorce, which is handled exclusively by the Family Division, criminal proceedings, handled by the Criminal Division, and exclusive jurisdiction over juvenile cases as well. Vicinages have many different divisions and it’s important that you file accordingly.

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