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Learn More About Goldsboro, NC

Goldsboro was founded in 1787 and today serves as the seat of Wayne County. Goldsboro plays host to 38,000 residents who have historically excelled in politics, athletics, and drama. Andy Griffith, golfer Mark O’Meara, and Senator John Kerr are just a few of Goldsboro’s past occupants.
Goldsboro is also home to a handful of outstanding lawyers. Lawyers in Goldsboro admit an assorted mixture of cases like child custody, bankruptcy, restraining order, personal injury, and criminal cases like DUI offenses.
Recently in Goldsboro, Rosewood Middle School Principal Susie Shepherd approved a fundraiser that promised 20 test points for a $20 donation. The Parent Advisory Council presented the idea to Shepherd as a fundraising idea to update the school’s aging technology. Wayne County Public School District officials stopped the fundraiser this week offering no extra credit and saying they will be returning the donations.
If you have a lawsuit to file in Goldsboro then you will probably be heading to the Wayne County District Court which is exclusively responsible for hearing $5,000 or less valued small claims, mental health, domestic relations, and juvenile cases. The Wayne County Superior Court handles many different cases as well but retains jurisdiction over probate, administrative agency appeals, and criminal cases.
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