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Concord is home to over 55,000 people and is located just 20 miles from the well-known city of Charlotte, North Carolina. Thus, it is not uncommon for Concord attorneys and Charlotte lawyers to refer cases to one another. Concord lies close to the middle of Cabarrus County, and serves as the county seat as well. In 2004, Concord was the recipient of the All-American City Award, which is awarded each year by the National Civic League to honor communities who have worked successfully to overcome various challenges.
Concord has a rich auto racing culture, and serves as headquarters for Lowe’s Motor Speedway, a number of professional racing teams (such as Roush Fenway Racing and Hendrick Motorsports), as well as a NASCAR office for research and development.
Recently, Concord resident Kenneth Bernard Martin pleaded guilty to being active in a gang drug operation. Judge Frank Whitney of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of North Carolina sentenced Martin to 16 ½ years in prison. Martin, along with four other men, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to sell ecstasy, cocaine, crack, and marijuana. knows Concord lawyers
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