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Learn More About Gaston County, NC

One of the fastest growing counties in North Carolina, Gaston is named after the former North Carolina Senator who also wrote North Carolina’s official state song. It is the state’s second largest county and the home of aptly named Gastonia, the county seat.

Gaston County lawyers can help you with criminal defense, personal injury litigation, business law, family law, and any other legal issue.

Gaston County lawyers successfully defended Gastonia police officers against a wrongful termination suit filed by one of their own. The former officer claimed his superiors wanted him to file a false police report after a routine traffic stop led to a search, seizure, and arrest. The case was eventually thrown out of Charlotte’s Federal District Court.

Lawyers in Gaston County should know the ins and outs of the Gaston County Courts. These courts are part of North Carolina’s Judicial District 27A. North Carolina’s trial courts handle 3.2 million cases a year, and your attorneys familiarity with the rules and procedures of Gaston County could be a key element in your case’s favorable resolution.

If you need help finding a competent and reputable attorney in Gaston County, LegalMatch can help. Our free service will match you to local Gaston lawyers specializing in your type of case. Just tell us some basic information about your legal issue and’s database will find reputable and outstanding Gaston County attorneys ready and willing to represent you.

For more information on hiring a lawyer in Gaston County, visit our website. You may also be interested in learning more about the law of North Carolina and Gaston County via the following links:

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