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Learn More About Morrisville, NC

Part of the growing economic prosperity in North Carolina is a metropolitan region called the Research Triangle. This is made up of three major cities in the state, plus smaller cities or towns found within the triangle. The research element is provided by three universities with campuses in major cities.

Morrisville, NC is a town within the Research Triangle which has achieved importance. With its advanced online resources and publicized strategic and land use plans, Morrisville has rightfully earned its place in the triangle, not just in research but also in industrial terms as well. Just outside of municipal limits, the multinational company Lenovo maintains its headquarters.

The municipality is partial to advanced operations in green and sustainable processes which include manufacturing and municipal services. It operates a Smart City Assessment forum that any resident can attend and contribute to.

The population enjoys a quiet optimism about the future progress and growth of their town. That future may already be in place with the presence of many large financial, tech and tech-related companies here. Among these companies are Microsoft, Oracle, Credit Suisse, Cisco Systems, Fidelity Investments and A10 Networks.

In 2019, there was a prominent case involving TrialCard, a tech company focused on pharmaceuticals, versus Travelers Casualty and Surety Company of America, one of the biggest insurance firms in the country. TrialCard filed suit, alleging that Travelers Insurance denied it coverage, a breach of an insurance contract applicable to a prior litigation.

TrialCard itself went into jeopardy caused by an unsolicited campaign using fax machines. The case was tried by the US District Court for North Carolina’s Eastern District. This landmark case and other cases that were filed within Morrisville territory can be accessed via Morrisville Community Library and local government registry.

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You can find a variety of public defenders offering free legal consultations in Morrisville. There are also organizations providing legal clinics, legal aid or even pro bono services, most of them based in major cities of the triangle.

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