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Learn More About Charlotte, NC

Charlotte is North Carolina’s most populous city, with over a million and a half residents in the Charlotte metropolitan area.  This growing city boasts a number of Fortune 500 companies, banks, and financial institutions including Bank of America.

In this burgeoning environment of finance, banking, and commerce, Charlotte has an increasing need for lawyers, and they have flocked to the city.  The Mecklenburg County Bar Association estimates that there are now over 4,000 attorneys in Charlotte.

LegalMatch Can Help You Quickly and Efficiently Sort Through the Many Attorneys In Charlotte

In such a large city with so many busy attorneys, how would a single person with a legal problem identify and approach the right lawyer for his or her problem?  Flipping through the yellow pages could yield something by sheer luck, but how can a person know if the attorney is trustworthy and competent? Are you calling because they have the most attractive advertisement? is a free attorney-client matching service that matches you with pre-screened attorneys in your area who are interested in cases just like yours.

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Charlotte lawyers handle a wide variety of cases including criminal law, family law, real estate law, immigration law, and bankruptcy law.  A recent case highlights the dangers of hydroplaning, i.e., when a car travels fast over standing water, so that the tires lose all contact with the asphalt, making the car slide as if on ice.  A Charlotte man sustained a serious head injury when he was thrown from his vehicle as a result of hydroplaning.  He recovered $1.5 million dollars from the faulty contractors who did not allow the water to drain off the road.

Charlotte attorneys know the inner workings of the North Carolina Appellate Division, Superior Court, and District Court of Mecklenburg County.  In addition, they know the rules and procedures of specialty courts such as the family court, drug court, traffic court, domestic violence court, and so on.

Alternatively, you may not want to speak with a Charlotte lawyer at this time.  Your legal problem may only be in its initial phases.  Taking preventative measures now could save you future hassle and heartache.  If so, has resources available to you.  Peruse the 3000+ articles in LegalMatch’s acclaimed Law Library.

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