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Learn More About Wake Forest, NC

Wake Forest is a town in North Carolina that is interestingly situated in two different counties. Although a majority of its territory falls on Wake County, a part of the town also belongs to Franklin County. Ever since its early days, Wake County has always been a place of learning. In 1832, a man named Dr. Calvin Jones purchased a forested land on what is now the Wake Forest to build an educational institute. He described the place as “one of the best neighborhoods in the state”. Fast forward to today and Wake Forest still remains an educated town and is even considered to be a town of professionals.

In 2019, a class-action lawsuit has been filed by The ACLU of North Carolina and NC Prisoner Legal Services against The North Carolina Department of Public Safety for placing prisoners in lengthy stretches of solitary confinement and performing cruel and unusual punishments that violate the state constitution. The town has also experienced a terrible campus shooting in 2018.

Wake Forest, being a town with an above-average literacy rate, has no shortage of competent lawyers. It is relatively easy to find Wake Forest lawyers, but it can be challenging to select the perfect match for your case. LegalMatch ensures that you as a client will be matched with the perfect lawyer who will work best with that predicament that you have at hand.

If you want to expand your knowledge on the matters of legal affairs, you can visit the following places for resources:

  • Wake Forest Community Library
  • Northeast Regional Library
  • Wake Forest University

Wake Forest University is also considered to be one of the best universities in the nation.

If you require personal assistance for your legal troubles, you can visit the various legal aid clinics in and around Wake Forest that may be able to provide assistance free-of-charge if your case is eligible. Places such as the Legal Aid of North Carolina, General Legal Aid, The Elder Law Clinic, Community Law and Business Clinic are just some of the few that you can visit.

You can also choose to browse the LegalMatch Online Law Library if you want a more convenient and practical approach. The library contains more than 10,000 articles, all classified in different legal categories for easy searching.

If you reside in Wake Forest and are currently going through a serious legal problem, finding a local lawyer capable of handling your case is a favorable option. LegalMatch is more than capable of doing just that for you. Wake Forest has no shortage of competent lawyers, but LegalMatch will pick the one who is most well-versed in your situation.

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