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Learn More About Mecklenburg County, NC

Mecklenburg holds the honor of being the first county in the United States to sign a declaration of independence against Britain. King George III must not have been very pleased, considering the county bore the name of his queen consort Princess Charlotte Mecklenburg. (Whose name is also responsible for Mecklenburg’s county seat, Charlotte.)

In The News: A recent case in Mecklenburg County involved building a new baseball stadium for the local team, the Charlotte Knights. Plans to build a new stadium for the team in uptown Charlotte were put on hold by a lawsuit in 2007. Lawyers in Mecklenburg successfully got the lawsuit thrown out, and the stadium is on target for construction in 2010.

Getting Legal Assistance in Mecklenburg, NC

Mecklenburg lawyers, such as Charlotte lawyers, can assist you with any legal issue you may be facing, such as personal injury, criminal defense, bankruptcy, family law, real estate transactions, and many others.
Cases such as this begin in the Mecklenburg County Court system, part of North Carolina’s 26th Judicial District. Mecklenburg County attorneys will be familiar with the local court staff, judges, and other attorneys.
Lawyers in Mecklenburg County will also know about the laws of Mecklenburg. Like some other counties in the south, Mecklenburg has very strict mosquito control laws. Owners of land with standing water are obligated to either remove the water, or treat the area to control mosquito breeding. Failure to do so can subject an owner to fines or even criminal sanctions.
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