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Learn More About Forsyth County, NC

Forsyth County was named after Colonel Benjamin Forsyth who died while patrolling North Carolina and the area north of Lake Champlain with his rifle troops during the War of 1812. Winston-Salem is the county seat of Forsyth County and boasts big businesses like R. J. Reynolds, Winston-Salem Bottling Works, and the 1st opened Krispy Kreme.
Forsyth County is also home to a number of lawyers who take a large mixture of cases; some normal examples include chapter 7 bankruptcy, immigration, child support, wrongful death, and criminal cases.
Recently in Forsyth County, a wrongful death lawsuit was filed in Forsyth County Superior Court stemming from the collision of an overloaded big-rig and Nissan pickup on N.C. 89. The commercial truck driver was allegedly commanded by B&J Transportation Inc. dispatchers to pass the scales because he was knowingly overloaded with potatoes. The lawsuit is seeking compensatory and punitive damages in excess of $10,000 which is a normal sum sought by civil actions in North Carolina because courts are responsible for awarding damages.
If you are filing a lawsuit in Forsyth County, you’re most likely to visit the Forsyth County Superior Court in Winston-Salem. The Superior Court is responsible for hearing many different kinds of cases like real property exceeding $10,000, contract, civil, criminal cases, and retains exclusive jurisdiction over probate cases and administrative agency appeals. The Forsyth County District Court retains exclusive jurisdiction over juvenile, domestic relations cases like divorce, and small claims cases that do no exceed $5,000.
LegalMatch is the best way to find the Forsyth County lawyer who is best for your case and particular needs. LegalMatch can help you even if you’re just looking to do some research on your case. LegalMatch’s LegalCenter offers many great resources like tips on selecting the right lawyer for you, an online law library, and forums on nearly every legal issue. Also, check out our law blog for more information on pertinent legal topics.
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