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Learn More About Rocky Mount, NC

Rocky Mount, North Carolina truly lives up to its nickname of the “city on the rise.” Rocky Mount has a growing population which currently stands at about 57,000 residents. In addition, Rocky Mount is scheduled to annex portions of its two neighboring counties Nash and Edgecombe. Rocky Mount was known for its ability to produce cotton and is home to the Rocky Mount Mill, the oldest cotton mill in the nation. The presence of cotton mills also attracted the world’s longest and most continuous rail road line in 1840. Following the Civil War, Rocky Mountain added tobacco to its economic base. Today, Rocky Mount is home to a diversified industrial base which includes major manufactures, fast food franchise offices, and food manufacturers.
Lawyers in Rocky Mount are well qualified to handle a variety of cases, including real estate, business, and family, employment, immigration, and criminal, among others.
Rocky Mount lawyers practice in Nash County and Edgecombe County. North Carolina’s trial courts are composed of Superior Courts and County Courts. Nash County Superior Court and Edgecombe County Superior Court are courts of general jurisdiction which hear civil cases in excess of $10,000. Exceptions to the $10,000 requirement include cases for corporate receiverships. Additionally, Superior Courts exclusively hear cases involving probate of wills and have original jurisdiction over criminal cases. Nash County District Court and Edgecombe County District Court are reserved for cases involving disputes valued less than $10,000. However, North Carolina courts require that disputes less than $15,000 to first be heard by a court mandated non-binding arbitrator. There are limited exceptions to this requirement including property matters and family disputes.
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