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Learn More About Salisbury, NC

If you’re passing through Salisbury make sure to try North Carolina’s famous soft drink Cheerwine based out of the city. You can also try local wine from the Yadkin Valley Wine Region, pick strawberries from the vine at Patterson Farm, and visit the North Carolina Transportation Museum – all in Salisbury.
Salisbury is a family oriented city which has many experienced lawyers who are familiar with the Rowan County courts. Lawyers in Salisbury take many different cases; some examples are business disputes, family law, immigration, personal injury, as well as wills and trusts.
Recently, Salisbury based Perdue Farms filed a lawsuit against Tyson Farms Inc. for false-advertisement. Perdue Farms filed the suit in response to Tyson marketing which states their chickens were raised without antibiotics. Perdue Farms alleges Tyson uses chicken feed containing ionophore (an antibiotic) to fights intestinal disease in poultry. The lawsuit is ongoing.
If you are looking to file for divorce, you will be visiting the Rowan County District Court in Salisbury. The district court has exclusive jurisdiction over family and juvenile matters although appeals are heard at the Superior Court level. If you have a probate or estate dispute, the Rowan County Superior Court will be your place of filing. When filing with either court, it’s always best to have an experienced Salisbury lawyer to help navigate the courts.
LegalMatch is your best resource to find a Salisbury lawyer. By providing lawyer/client matching services with accessible client reviews, prices, tips on finding the best lawyer for your needs, and forums on nearly every topic, LegalMatch’s LegalCenter will help you to educate yourself on any legal issue that you may face.
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