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Learn More About Holly Springs, NC

A lot of people have moved or are moving to the town of Holly Springs, so named because of naturally-occurring springs that flow into a lake surrounded by large holly trees. As per census figures, the population had nearly tripled in more than a decade of growth, starting in the year 2000.

Built around the 1800s, Holly Springs has had some harsh downturns in terms of population. After the Civil War, it became a literal ghost town. North Carolina was a Confederate state which seceded from the Union in 1861. The then Holly Springs community contributed most of its men to the Confederate cause. While some survived, economic devastation was the main factor that led townsfolk to abandon Holly Springs.

World Wars I and II again reduced the number of men in what had a small township with good potential for growth. It had officially become a town back in 1877, the final accomplishment of the merchant George Benton Alford’s effort to revive the community. By the 1950s, when many other towns in the region were prospering, the community remained stagnant.

The town’s population started its high rate of increase when “spillage” from its neighbors Apex and Cary occurred. In the 00s, a major pharma company built a manufacturing plant in the town’s newly-opened business park. The town fathers believe that Holly Springs will continue its population and economic growth because of its easy access and proximity to the Research Triangle Park serving the cities of Raleigh, Chapel Hill and Durham and major universities located there.

With its public records and WiFi services, the town enables its citizens to have free online access to things like case records. The town has the Holly Springs Community Library and is part of the Wake County judicial system, which is run by the state. If you want reliable online websites for legal resources, LegalMatch has an online law library with thousands of case articles as factual examples of how the law works.

LegalMatch also enables those in need of legal services to have their case needs matched to the right kind of lawyer. The lawyers in LegalMatch are pre-screened and and capable of handling cases from different legal categories.

For pro bono legal aid, folks in Holly Springs can use the services of Legal Aid of North Carolina and the North Carolina Pro Bono Resource Center.

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