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Learn More About Burke County, NC

Where the mountains reach the water in North Carolina you will find beautiful Burke County. With a rich history that dates back to Spanish expeditions in the 1500s, the county is a magnificent place to visit. Lake James is one of Burke County’s pride and joys and it is believed to be one of the last pristine lakes left in the south-eastern United States.
If you have a legal matter which you need assistance with in Burke County, there are many Burke County lawyers who are ready to help you. Combined, these attorneys are quite skilled in many areas of law including tax, business, criminal defense, DUI, corporations, contracts, personal injury, automobile accidents, and more.
The Burke County School District Superintendent recently filed a lawsuit against the school board in an attempt to keep his job through the end of his contract. Despite strong community support, and support from other parts of the government, the presiding Burke County Superintendent was voted out of his job by a 4 to 2 vote by the school board a few months ago. The superintendent is arguing that his employment contract said his employment would run through the end of the next school year, and that the school board’s actions were illegal. He is asking the court to issue an injunction which would block the school board from terminating his employment before the end of the term of his contract.
Burke County is served by the 25th Judicial District of North Carolina. Within this district, there are two trial courts, the Superior Court and the District Court. Which court your case ends up in depends on the circumstances surrounding your legal issue. A local Burke County attorney can make sure that your lawsuit is in the correct court.
If you need help finding the right Burke County lawyer for your case, is here for you. We know what a struggle it can be to deal with the legal system by yourself, which is why we provide you with a free online service that you can use to get matched up to a great attorney in your area. Additionally, we also give you access to information like attorney profiles and past client reviews, all to help you make the best decision for your situation.
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