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Learn More About Carrboro, NC

Carrboro aims to preserve the town’s rich history and create an atmosphere of desirable growth. In 1970, some Carrboro residents joined forces together to create the town’s power structure that will include the residents’ full participation. Today, the town continues to work towards environmental harmony, fiscal responsibility, justice, and fairness.

The town serves the legal needs of its residents through the Carrboro, North Carolina Family Legal Aid & Pro Bono Services Clinic in the Volunteer Lawyers Program of Durham County c/o North Carrboro, a town in Orange County, North Carolina began its roots in the late 19th century. It remained a small mill town with slow growth in its first fifty years after incorporation. Soon enough, the town’s population started to increase. Its growth has led to the creation of a vibrant and diverse neighborhood. Today, Carrboro has been known to be one of the most progressive communities in the South.

First settled in 1882 during a railroad spur around the University of North Carolina, Carrboro was incorporated as a town called Venable in 1911. The town’s name was finally changed to Carrboro, after the local textile mill owner Shakespeare Carr who provided electricity to the community in exchange for the name change. This city with a progressive vibe is home to an estimated population of 21,544 people, according to the US Bureau of Census in 2017.

Central Legal Assistance Program. These services are available to low-income families. Volunteer lawyers agree to provide legal representation in pro bono services. This federally-funded legal aid provides experience to lawyers who handle a large number of cases. If you are unable to qualify for this service, you can enlist the help of experienced private lawyers in Carrboro, Orange County.

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