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Learn More About High Point, NC

High Point, North Carolina’s is the state’s 8th largest city. It was once known solely for its manufacturing of furniture, textiles and buses and was unofficially called “North Carolina’s International City.” In 2001, High Point officially adopted the slogan to celebrate its commercial appeal. Taking advantage of this appeal, High Point has since diversified itself to now include banking, customer service industries, and pharmaceuticals as its economic base.
With the growing business sector in High Point, there are many High Point lawyers to choose from. In addition to representing clients in business law matters, High Point lawyers are available to assist you with questions of law relating to employment, real estate, family, and personal injury law.
High Point lawyers practice in Guilford County which is located in North Carolina’s 18th District. North Carolina’s legal system is composed of the Guilford County Superior Courts and Guilford County District Court. Superior Courts are courts of general jurisdiction which hear civil cases in excess of $10,000. Exceptions to the $10,000 requirement include cases for corporate receiverships. Additionally, Superior Courts exclusively hear cases involving probate of wills. District Courts are reserved for cases involving disputes valued less than $10,000. However, North Courts require that disputes less than $15,000 to first be heard by a court mandated non-binding arbitrator. There are limited exceptions to this requirement including property matters and family disputes.
LegalMatch is the ideal tool to assist you in finding the right lawyer for representation in High Point Superior or District Courts. LegalMatch allows you to review an attorney’s experience, availability and rates for free before making your selection of representation.
For more information about the laws of High Point and Guilford County, please visit the following links:

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