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Learn More About Lenoir, NC

The residents of Lenoir refer to their city lovingly as the start of the high country. Located in the western part of the North Carolina, Lenoir is in the Blue Ridge foothills, the forerunner to the Blue Ridge Mountains, and also contains part of the Brushy Mountains. Clean air, beautiful vistas, fresh blackberries and a tightly-knit town all attract residents to this quite city which is named after General William Lenoir who lived there after the Revolutionary War. William Lenoir’s house, named Fort Defiance, still stands and is a popular Lenoir tourist attraction.
If you have a lawsuit in Caldwell County, a good choice of legal representation would be a Lenoir lawyer. The attorneys in Lenoir are skilled and eager to represent you in contract actions, personal injury actions, DWI defense, divorce settlements, custody disputes, and any other matter in which you need legal assistance.
The server farm that Google has just started to construct in Lenoir has sparked a legal challenge against the city of Lenoir, Caldwell County, and the North Carolina Legislature. The North Carolina Institute for Constitutional Law claims that these three entities promised Google certain incentives in return for Google’s promise to build its new server farm in Lenoir. The NCICL claims that these incentives could total more than $100 million in tax breaks for Google over the next 30 years, including exemption from 100% of the business property taxes, and 80% of the real-property taxes that businesses normally have to pay. Google is countering that its will be spending $600 million to build the server farm and that the new installation will create over 200 jobs for the city of Lenoir.
There are two levels of trial courts in North Carolina: the District Courts and the Superior Courts. The city of Lenoir houses both a District and Superior Court in the town’s courthouse. Depending on the type of legal matter that you are involved in, you may have to report to either of these courts. The attorneys in Lenoir have local knowledge about the ins and outs of the legal scene in Caldwell County and are eager to apply their skills to your case.
But how should you go about finding a local Lenoir attorney? Calling up many attorney offices and relaying your situation repeatedly is not an efficient way to locate the right lawyer for you. is here to make this process easy for you. Within 48 hours of telling us about your legal situation, experienced local attorneys will contact you. There is never any pressure to hire any of the lawyers that call you; you just pick the one that fits you the best.
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