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Learn More About Monroe, NC

Only seven miles outside of Charlotte lies Monroe, NC. Established in 1844 and named the Union county seat, Monroe has been recognized as one of the five best areas for aerospace development, and produces 80% of the world’s supply of medical titanium. Monroe strives to maintain the feeling of a smaller close-knit community through continued restoration of its tree-lined streets and historic buildings, with small parks and fountains strewn throughout the downtown landscape. Cultural activities in Monroe include the Jesse Helms Center, the Mexico-Cardenas Museum, and the regional history Museum of the Waxhaws.
Multiple top-notch Monroe lawyers reside in this quiet community. Lawyers in Monroe can assist you with legal matters involving business, family, medical malpractice, real estate, or any other issue that you may face.
Lawyers in Monroe recently litigated a matter involving a claim of animal cruelty. The lawsuit was filed in part by the Humane Society against animal control officials in Monroe for use of carbon monoxide gas chambers in the euthanasia of young, sick, old, injured, and pregnant animals within the shelter system. The lawsuit reached a settlement in October of 2008, with the City of Monroe requiring that animals under 16 weeks of age, pregnant, or near death no longer be killed via carbon monoxide gas.
Cases in North Carolina may be filed in three levels of trials courts- small claims, district, or superior courts. Appeals are heard by the Court of Appeals or the Supreme Court of North Carolina. Cases arising in Monroe may be filed in Union County’s District 20B courts. A local Monroe attorney can help you to understand and navigate the local rules of the court.
Consider as you seek a Monroe attorney. Our free, confidential service can connect you with an experienced Monroe attorney with success in your legal area of need. LegalMatch provides background information on every lawyer and ensures that each attorney matched to you is in good standing with the North Carolina state bar. You can also find helpful tips on attorney selection and overviews of popular legal topics. Use LegalMatch to ensure you make the right decision in selecting your advocate.
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