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In any large city, there are many lawyers. Raleigh, NC is no exception. Because of this, finding a Raleigh, NC lawyer can be an intimidating process. Picking a Raleigh lawyer at random or based on an advertisement can be risky: you may end up with a perfectly competent lawyer. Conversely, you might not. Given what’s at stake with many legal issues, this is a gamble most people can ill-afford.

LegalMatch only works with Raleigh lawyers who are in good standing with their respective professional communities. It will also only refer your case to lawyers who are qualified to handle it.

A case of particular note in Raleigh is a lawsuit currently pending against the Wake County school board, which alleges that several autistic students were restrained, and even encouraged to fight each other. If the allegations are proven, a large monetary award is likely. While this appears to be an isolated incident, it highlights the importance of the rights of disabled people, and the need for a qualified Raleigh, NC lawyer to handle cases involving those rights.

If your legal issue does not yet require the services of a Raleigh, NC lawyer, the LegalMatch Law Library is an excellent source of free legal information. With over 3,300 articles on many different legal topics, you can probably find the answer to your legal questions there.

There are some public law libraries in the Raleigh area, as well, if you find yourself needing more information.

  •          The North Carolina Supreme Court Law Library
  •          The University of North Carolina Law Library

Civil lawsuits with a claim for damages of $10,000 or less will be filed in the Wake County District Court. Larger cases will be filed in the Wake County Superior Court. You should check with the clerk of the court well in advance of filing any lawsuits or documents to make sure you are filing them at the correct location.

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