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Learn More About Durham County, NC

Durham County is home to 250,000 North Carolina residents who enjoy close proximity to Duke University and a number of other outstanding schools. The seat and namesake is the city of Durham which is known as the city of medicine.

Durham County is also home to a number of local lawyers, such as Durham lawyers, who advise on a wide variety of cases, some typical examples include: child custody, estate administration, personal injury, business contracts, and drafting wills. Lawyers in Durham County are familiar with North Carolina District and Superior Court procedures.

Recently in Durham County, Director of the Health Inequalities Program Frank Lombard was arrested. An undercover FBI and District of Columbia Metropolitan Police Department sting allegedly linked Lombard’s screen name to conversations about traveling interstate to engage in illegal sex with a child. Upon further investigation, officers also found that Lombard had streamed a live video on an adult chat site in which he allegedly molested his adopted 5 year old child. He has recently been transferred from Durham County Jail and awaits trial in Washington, D.C.

If you are accused of a crime in Durham County, you are likely to be visiting the Durham Superior Court which retains exclusive jurisdiction over probate and administrative agency appeals. The District Courts will be the place in which to file if you are looking to adjudicate a family law issue, small claims (less than $5,000), and juvenile cases.

With any case, it’s best to hire a seasoned professional like a Durham County lawyer. LegalMatch is an easy and free method of pairing yourself with a Durham County lawyer who is guaranteed to be North Carolina State Bar Association certified. LegalMatch can also help you research your case with their online law library.

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