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Learn More About Apex, NC

The town of Apex, whose motto is “The Peak of Good Living,” is considered a suburb of the larger city of Raleigh, and it is a popular place to live among Raleigh lawyers and Durham lawyers. The town was named because it was built on the highest part of a portion of railroad that ran through the area. Apex has been plagued with numerous fires, some of which destroyed major portions of the town. Most recently, a chemical fire in 2006 thrust Apex into the national spotlight when much of the town’s residents were forced to evacuate.
If you need legal services while you are in Apex, there are a number of qualified Apex lawyers in the area. These legal professionals are skilled in a number of legal areas including bankruptcy, tax, DUI, criminal defense, divorce, alimony, personal injury, automobile accidents, assault and more.
Nearly three years after the 2006 explosion in the chemical facility in Apex, the company responsible is finally being held accountable. After having almost 17,000 people, which comprises most residents and business owners in Apex, join the class action lawsuit against Environmental Quality (EQ), a settlement has been reached. Under the terms of the settlement, people who were forced out of their homes because of the explosion will receive about $750 while those forced out of their businesses will receive about $2,200. The town of Apex also expects to get about $85,000 in unclaimed money from the multi-million dollar settlement.
When you are ready to file a lawsuit that arose in Apex, you will probably have to go to either the Superior Court of Wake County or the Wake County District Court. You will want to ensure that the attorney that you hire is familiar with both of these courts.
Finding a great Apex attorney can be very difficult and time consuming, but is here to help you. We offer you a free online service that can quickly and effectively match you to qualified attorneys in your area. We also pre-screen all of our attorneys that we work with to make sure they are in good standing with their respective bar associations.
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