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Learn More About Wilmington, NC

Wilmington traces its history as far back as the 1600’s, when early English explorers made their first encampments and sailed the treacherous waters of “Cape Fear.” Today the city enjoys its scenic perch next to the Atlantic Ocean. Designated an official “Coast Guard City” by Congress, Wilmington’s historic waterfront hosts the heroic World War II battleship USS North Carolina. Wilmington also bears the honor of being the hometown of basketball legend and UNC hero Michael Jordan.

Attorneys in Wilmington practice in the New Hanover County court system, also known as North Carolina’s 5th Judicial District. They are familiar with the various divisions of the District Court, Superior Court, Family Court, and New Hanover Teen Court. In these various courts, Wilmington lawyers represent clients in criminal cases, personal injury lawsuits, bankruptcy filings, breach of contract cases, and many others.

Wilmington lawyers are involved on both sides of a paternity suit involving Survivor castaway Andria ‘Dreamz’ Herd. Herd referenced his son on an episode of the hit reality TV show. He claimed he would follow through on a deal made with a fellow contestant because he wanted to prove to his son that he was “a man of his word.” Herd reneged on the deal, was unanimously voted off the show, and soon after was hit with a paternity suit by his former girlfriend and the mother of his alleged son.

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