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Learn More About Clayton, NC

In the 1700s, early settlers began to occupy the town of Clayton which was formerly known as Stallings’ Station. It is a depot along the North Carolina Railroad consisting of several small stores. After the Civil War, Clayton had a surge of activity. New businesses emerged and agricultural production increased.
Clayton’s proximity to major highways such as I-40 and US 70 gained its access to other centers of commerce both locally and regionally. At present, Clayton has become a thriving community that has grown into Johnston County’s largest town.
Clayton, North Carolina, is home to an estimated population of 21,405 according to the 2017 US Bureau of Census. It was known to be “the wealthiest town of its size” and the “high bred little town” of the United States.

As in any community, the town of Clayton has a unique history. Its humble beginnings and success were embodied in its people, the local government, and the community as a whole. Its mission embraces defending the rights of its residents and striving to provide quality services to the community.

Clayton residents may seek legal help from pro bono services offered by the Volunteer Lawyers Program of Durham County c/o North Central Legal Assistance Program and Land Loss Prevention Project, Inc.

In 2019, a Clayton man was sentenced to 37 months imprisonment for illegal possession of firearms with the intent to distribute heroin. Sergio Ezequiel Alvear, 23 pled guilty to one count of possession of a firearm by a felon.

Another Cayton resident was charged with Possession of Firearm and Ammunition by a Felon and was sentenced to 200 months of imprisonment followed by a 3-year supervised release. The police responded to a shooting at a residence in Clayton where the caller, who identified himself as the victim, was intentionally shot by his father, Joseph Kelvin Aberant.

Aberant refused a traffic stop attempt conducted by the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office while driving his vehicle in the vicinity. After the chase, the investigators took Aberant into custody. On July 17, 2017, the defendant pled guilty to the charges.

To protect the Clayton community, law enforcers commit to target offenders who continue to violate the law.
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