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Learn More About Wilson, NC

Wilson, North Carolina, a mid-sized city and seat of Wilson County, was once known as “The World’s Greatest Tobacco Market” in the nineteenth century. This agricultural feature is still a major part of its economy, with a significant presence in manufacturing, financial, retail and other industries.

The city economy saw growth in recent years through the construction of new subdivisions. Located 40 miles from Raleigh, the state capital, Wilson’s livability is defined by an above average number of criminal cases for North Carolina, although it is considered safe enough in the newer communities.

There are law firms based in this city, dealing mainly with divorce, DUI, misdemeanors, traffic violations, felonies, business disputes and white collar crimes. You can access the two Wilson County Public Library branches found in the city for legal records, and there are also online resources you can use. The best among these is the LegalMatch Law Library, an open resource for those who need to know more about how the law works.

LegalMatch, as its name implies, serves the public by matching the right attorney for their legal needs. You can post your case for free at After finding the right match for your case, the Legalmatch attorney can then handle it for you.

Legal cases in Wilson are filed and tried locally in District 8 court. Higher courts that specifically serve the city are Superior Court District 7BC and federal District Court 7. Lawyers that serve this community are well-established and known locally and this means many citizens have friends in their local lawyers.

In the case T.A. Watkins vs. the City of Wilson, the plaintiff filed a case against election judges after the May 2, 1961 elections in the City of Wilson. The court dismissed the complaint, citing relevant cases, one involving the dismissal of a complaint against the appointment of former federal Supreme Court associate justice Hugo Black.

The Wilson city government supports neighborhood associations and has a Human Relations Commission to promote goodwill among the many ethnic, civil, religious and economic groups found in the city. The promotion of good citizenship is also one of its major goals.

One organization helping those in need of legal help is Legal Aid of North Carolina- Wilson, a nonprofit office which is part of a national network of cause-oriented lawyers. LANC provides free legal services to low-income families with the stated mission of providing equal and full access to the justice system while removing the barriers that may be present in the pursuit of economic opportunity.

LANC-Wilson’s legal experts have flexible hours and are experts in fields that include credit and bankruptcy, education, health, housing, public benefits, elder law, employment, business, family and juvenile, veterans rights, consumer, life planning and more.

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