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One of the fastest growing cities in North Carolina, Gastonia is the county seat of Gaston County. Gastonia lawyers can help you with criminal defense, personal injury litigation, business law, family law, and many others.
Gastonia lawyers successfully defended their police department against a wrongful termination lawsuit filed by one of its officers. The former officer alleged that his superiors wanted him to file a false police report after a search and seizure of a vehicle during a routine traffic stop. The case was thrown out in Federal District Court in Charlotte.  Since many of the local cases in federal court are heard in Charlotte, occisionally a Gastonia lawyer will refer a case to a Charlotte lawyer for the convenience of the client.
Lawyers in Gastonia should be familiar with the Gaston County Courts. These courts are part of North Carolina’s Judicial District 27A. Together, North Carolina’s trial courts handle 3.2 million cases a year.
Your lawyer should be familiar with the various rules and procedures of these courts. If you need help finding a competent and reputable attorney in Gastonia, can help. Our free service will match you to local Gastonia lawyers specializing in your type of case.
For more information on hiring a lawyer in Gastonia, visit our website. You may also be interested in learning more about the law of North Carolina via the following websites:

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