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Learn More About Lillington, NC

Lillington may only be four square miles, but it is the Harnett County seat as well as the name sake of Lillington Township.
Lawyers in Lillington are well respected and can handle any type of case, including business law, real estate matters, and probate cases. Lillington lawyers know the Lillington court procedures and are able to dependably navigate you through the legal process.
Recently in Lillington, victims of the Peggy’s Seafood Wreck filed a lawsuit against the driver of the truck who lost control and barreled into the Lillington Seafood Restaurant killing one man and severely injuring two other women. The three families filed lawsuits against Doug Baity Trucking Inc. and the driver who has plead guilty to two counts of felony assault, speeding, running a red light, and one count of involuntary manslaughter.
If you are planning on filing for separation or are contesting a Lillington citation, you will most likely be filing in Harnett County’s District Eleven Court, one of 40 North Carolina District Courts that have exclusive jurisdiction over domestic relations and juvenile cases. Also, the Harnett County Superior Court takes all kinds of criminal cases, real property matters with no limit, plus probate and estate issues. Lillington lawyers are able to assist you with the process and are knowledgeable of Harnett County District and Superior Courts.
The best way to find a lawyer in Lillington is through LegalMatch. With our matching services you are guaranteed to only select from bar certified lawyers. LegalMatch also allows you to see prices, availability, and even past client reviews for each Lillington lawyer so that you select the best lawyer for you and your particular legal issue.
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