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Learn More About Chapel Hill, NC

Chapel Hill is home to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill which is the oldest state supported university in the nation. The school district that encompasses the city is known for its education standards. Many of the residents of Chapel Hill and other nearby cities such as Durham and Raleigh, including a number of Durham lawyers and Raleigh lawyers, take advantage of the thriving food scene to get excellent meals any time of the day.
When you are ready to file your lawsuit that arose in Chapel Hill, there are many knowledgeable Chapel Hill lawyers ready to represent you.  These attorneys are skilled in areas of law such as personal injury, tax, divorce, alimony, DUI, criminal defense, business, contracts, employment, and many more.
A Chapel Hill man recently sued his step mother over $600,000 that she allegedly took out of an account after the man’s father’s death. The lawsuit contends that the Chapel Hill man and his father opened a joint account with rights of survivorship at a bank with approximately $620,000 in funds. According to the account, only the man or his father was allowed to withdraw any money. A few days after the death of the father, the bank received a letter from the man’s step mother that was “signed” by both the man and his father requesting that $600,000 be withdrawn. The Chapel Hill man’s lawsuit contends that neither he nor his father ever signed such a letter, and that his step mother forged his signature in order to illegal get the funds.
When you file your lawsuit that arose in Chapel Hill, you will probably have to make your way to the General Court of Justice for Orange County. Because a lawsuit is a long and arduous process, it is important that you have a qualified local attorney to help you make it through.
If you have been having a hard time finding the right Chapel Hill lawyer to take your case, is here to help. We are a website that is committed to helping you get in touch with attorneys in your area that have the legal skills to help you, and that fit your needs. By letting you read attorney profiles and past client reviews, we give you all the information necessary to make a great choice for your legal situation.
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