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Located in the southern part of Ohio, Clermont County was the eighth County established in the Northwest Territory. Clermont County played a large role in the Underground Railroad due to its located just across the river from Kentucky, which was a slave owning state. Many cities and towns in Clermont County gave refuge and safety to large numbers of slaves as they cross the river to escape their owners.
If you need to file a lawsuit in Clermont County, you should talk to one of the experienced Clermont County lawyers in the area. These attorneys can help you with your legal problems and are skilled in areas of law such as divorce, personal injury, bankruptcy, DUI, criminal defense, contracts, business, real estate, wills, tax, automobile accidents, and more.
Clermont County recently settled a lawsuit that was filed against it by Citizens for Community Values. Citizens for Community Values, a group that seeks to promote Judeo-Christian values and influence public policy, sued the county when it was denied use of a meeting room in the Clermont County Civic Center. The civic center had a policy that barred religious functions in the center since it first opened in 2004. Although some of the terms of the settlement are confidential, it is known that the County is going to pay $1 in nominal damages and almost $9,000 in attorney’s fees to the group. In addition, the policy against allowing religious functions in meetings rooms has been overturned.
When you have been served with a legal complaint in Clermont County, you will probably have to file your response with the Clermont County Court of Common Pleas. In addition to assisting you with gathering all the necessary evidence for your case, a local attorney can also represent you in court.
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