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Learn More About Allentown, PA

Allentown made history when it served as the hiding place for the famous Liberty Bell during the American Revolutionary War.  Today, Allentown is the third most heavily populated city in Pennsylvania, with approximately 107,000 residents.  Allentown, together with Bethlehem and Easton, form the Lehigh Valley.  Allentown also serves as the seat of Lehigh County, and is located less than 100 miles from two of the nation’s largest cities, New York City and Philadelphia. Allentown’s prime location makes it a popular commercial spot, and currently Air Products & Chemicals and PPL, among other large companies, are based in Allentown.

Alongside being home to large companies, Allentown has also been home to many famous people.  Allentown is home to former professional football player of the Denver Broncos, Ed McCaffrey.  Other famous athletes that call Allentown home include Andre Reed, Matthew Riddle, Jerry Sags, and Peter Gruner.  Allentown is also home to musician Keith Jarrett, play writer William Marchant, actress Lara Jill Miller, fashion designer Thom Browne, songwriter Leon Carr, actress Amanda Seyfried, author Lauren Weisberger, and actress and wife of Ben Stiller, Christine Taylor.

Recently, two young Allentown men, Kenneth and Terry Kline, faced charges for the murder of Kutztown University student, Kyle Quinn.  Berks County Assistant District Attorney Jonathan Kurland said the Kline brothers are just as responsible for Quinn’s death as Timothy Gearhart (the man who delivered the final blow to Quinn) because the three men agreed to commit the assault, and were involved in a criminal conspiracy.  The Klines contend that Gearhart acted “independently, unilaterally, and spontaneously,” it would be unfair to hold them responsible for Gearhart’s acts.  Ultimately, a jury will decide whether the Klines are guilty of conspiracy to commit aggravated assault, aggravated assault, conspiracy to commit third-degree murder, and/or third-degree murder

If you are facing criminal charges or need help with another legal matter, such as personal bankruptcy, or divorce, you likely need an Allentown lawyer.  The best lawyers have experience in the appropriate area of law and keep up with ongoing educational requirements; lawyers should also be clear about their fee structure and they should definitely be in good standing with the State Bar.  

Find a Pre-Screened Allentown Child Support Lawyer, Allentown DUI Lawyer, or Allentown Family Lawyers For Your Legal Issue has assembled a database of screened lawyers, including fine Allentown lawyers, who can represent you.  Once you complete a brief intake report, a LegalMatch agent will locate the most qualified Allentown lawyers for your needs.  Next, these lawyers will contact you with details regarding their practices and policies.  Ultimately, you will decide which lawyer to hire, based on their contacts with you, as well as LegalMatch’s lawyer background reports. 

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