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Learn More About Hazleton, PA

A once bustling coal mining town, Hazleton is the second largest city in Pennsylvania’s Luzerne County. In 1818, the discovery of coal in the area prompted the rise of labor and industry in this city. Many people from around and outside the country came to take part in the opportunity that Hazleton’s coal promised. Consequently, the influx of people peaked its population up to 38,009. However, that number has reduced to 25,340 according to the 2010 census. As the coal decreased, so did the people who lived there.

In 2018, Hazleton was recorded to have a total of 346 incidents of crime reported. The highest among them are violent crimes and property crimes, which amounted to 117 and 229 reported incidents, respectively.

Each of Pennsylvania’s counties has a courthouse, and Hazleton’s Luzerne County is no exception. You may visit the Luzerne County Courthouse from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM for your legal needs. In addition, you may visit the Hazleton Area Public Library branches in Freeland, Nuremberg, South Side, and Valley to access legal information available to the public.

In 2019, a lawsuit against a rapper caught the peoples’ attention. The residents of Hazleton sued the rapper Lil Baby for not showing up at his concert. Thousands of dollars had been spent after residents have invested a huge sum of money for the concert. Because the nationally-known rap artist didn’t show up, no return of investment was collected.

If you find yourself facing legal issues, Hazleton lawyers can assist you with concerns regarding property crimes such as larceny, theft, and burglary. Furthermore, they can provide aid for violent crimes like assault, manslaughter, and murder.

However, if you lack the means to pay for an attorney, it’s possible to receive legal assistance through law firms that provide free legal services. You may head to the offices of Community Justice Project and North Penn Legal Services and inquire about their pro bono services.

If your legal issues require immediate attention, it is always worth the cost to hire the services of a qualified lawyer. LegalMatch can connect you with an experienced lawyer with expertise in your legal case. They are pre-screened and have a reliable track record in handling cases like yours. These lawyers have helped individuals and families that need legal representation over the years.

If you need more understanding about your case prior to hiring a lawyer, the LegalMatch Law Library provides a huge collection of law resources you may access for free. It is an excellent source of free legal information that has helped millions of readers have a better understanding of their legal issues and the viable solutions they may take. It has thousands of articles covering a number of legal topics that may provide answers to your urgent legal inquiries.

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