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Learn More About Sunbury, PA

The historic city of Sunbury is located in Northumberland County, PA and has a population of 9,905 based on the 2010 Census. Founded in 1772, the city became well-known when, in 1883, Thomas Edison installed and demonstrated his electric light invention in the City Hotel, which was later renamed in 1992 as the Edison Hotel in his honor.

The city has made news in 2020 when a former teacher at a Roman Catholic school filed a discrimination lawsuit against the Diocese of Harrisburg, claiming that she was fired from her job by the diocese due to being pregnant and unmarried. Naiad Reich previously filed a breach of contract lawsuit against the diocese in 2019.

If you or a loved one find yourselves as a victim of discrimination or any other issue that may require legal action, it’s important to know all your legal options and resources in Sunbury. If you need to do read up on laws and legal articles, you can visit the Northumberland County Law Library in Sunbury. You can also take advantage of LegalMatch’s extensive Law Library which has over 10,000 legal articles that can help you with your particular legal concern.

For those needing legal aid but can’t afford to hire a lawyer, there are charitable organizations that offer free or reduced-cost legal services to those in Sunbury and Northumberland County. North Penn Legal Services has an office in Sunbury and provides free legal services to economically-challenged individuals, families, groups in Northeastern Pennsylvania. They cover a wide range of cases from consumer and real estate law, to social security disability and family law.

There are also other non-profit organizations in Pennsylvania where residents of Northumberland County can get free legal assistance. These include the Pennsylvania Institutional Law Project, Abuse Network, and Penn State Dickinson School of Law Children’s Advocacy Clinic, all of which specialize on different types of cases.

However, the common problem with these organizations is the often-stringent screening process. Even for those that qualify for the free legal aid, there’s still the issue of having to depend on the availability of a volunteer lawyer to assist you with your legal concern. That’s why it would be prudent to hire a lawyer if you have an urgent legal issue.

When choosing a lawyer, it’s best to choose one that specializes or has experience with your particular case. Through LegalMatch, you can easily find the right lawyer to assist you with your legal concern and improve your chances of a positive outcome.

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