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Learn More About Hanover, PA

The borough of Hanover, PA (also known as the Snack Food Capital of the world) is a town that is rich in history, nostalgia, and charm. Hanover was the site of one of the key battles of the Civil War, where Confederate cavalry was delayed in getting to the Battle of Gettysburg. Today, Hanover is full homes built in the mid 1800s, small boutique shops, and lush trees.

In addition to the history that Hanover provides, the town also has many experienced Hanover lawyers. These attorneys are quite skilled and can assist you in many areas of law including tax, divorce, personal injury, bankruptcy, real estate, contracts, civil rights, and any other area of law.

In 2009, a Hanover man was indicted for six bank robberies that took place over the course of a month. The man robbed a total of four banks for approximately $12,000. The Hanover man, an ex-marine, claims that he was motivated to rob the banks because he was unemployed and addicted to heroin. Because he allegedly used deadly weapons in at least two of the robberies, the Hanover man is facing up to 135 years in federal prison. He confessed to the robberies after he was arrested by the police.

Hanover is served by the Court of Common Pleas of York County, which is nearby in York. This is the basic trial level court system in the state that hears all major criminal and civil cases, as well as other cases that it has jurisdiction over, such as juvenile and child custody cases. If you have legal problems in Hanover, you will likely have to go to this court, and it would help to have a local attorney on your side.

LegalMatch is here to help you find a local Hanover lawyer. When you use our service, you can rest assured that only carefully pre-screened attorneys will take your case. All the lawyers that will contact you are experienced and excited about taking your case!

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