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Learn More About York, PA

The historic city of York was founded in 1741 and claims to be the first capital of the US, largely because the Articles of Confederation was drafted there, as the first legal document of the United States of America. 
Named after the original English city, half of York’s population traces its roots to European countries, namely England, Scotland, and Germany. The demographic profile of the city is the backdrop of the riots that occurred in July 1969 between racially-segregated gangs that resulted in the death of police officer Henry Schaad and Lillie Belle Allen, a black woman visiting York. In the aftermath, no charges were made because of the unwillingness of witnesses to speak about the murders. The cases were reopened in 1999 and led to the arrest and sentencing of 4 men. Then York City Mayor Charles Robinson was implicated in the crime and thereafter dropped his bid for reelection.
York, throughout the centuries, has been an agricultural and industrial center. It is called home of several manufacturing corporations, particularly Dentsply Sirona dental equipment, York Barbell weightlifting equipment, Voith Hydro and American Hydro water turbines, and one of only 4 Starbucks roasting facilities in the world. York, in keeping with the laws of the state of Pennsylvania, has a strong Labor Relations Board to ensure the well-being and competitiveness of its workers. If you seek advice for employment-related concerns and issues, you may contact the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry. It offers career planning, job placement, community service, and general workers’ rights education.
York is home to York College of Pennsylvania, Penn State York and the Art Institute of York-Pennsylvania. However, only York College of Pennsylvania offers Pre-Law courses. An hour or so from York are reputable law schools Widener University Commonwealth Law School, Penn State Law, and Penn State Dickinson Law.
For free or low-cost legal advice, you may visit or contact either of these two agencies:
  • MidPenn Legal Services, at 256 East Market Street, with numbers (717) 848-3605; and 
  • York County Bar Association, at 137 East Market Street, with numbers (717) 854-8755.
The MidPenn Legal Services is a non-profit law firm that is notable for its legal work against domestic violence and sexual assault. The York County Bar Association meanwhile operates its charity arm the York County Bar Foundation. Founded in 1991, it provides pro bono legal support as well as law scholarships and grants from a community endowment fund. Lastly, the York County Court Self-Help Center provides assistance on legal procedures. It is located at 45 N. George Street and is open on weekdays except Wednesday from 9:00 to 4:00 PM. 
If you are looking to hire a lawyer in York or the surrounding area with more specific qualities in mind, Legalmatch can help you find one who is most suited to your preferences. If you are still researching your options, feel free to peruse our Online Law Library. It has thousands of articles for your research.

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