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Learn More About Radnor Township

Radnor Township is a township of highly affluent suburbs in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, with a population of approximately 31,000. It is home to a number of higher education institutions – Villanova University, Cabrini College, Valley Forge Military Academy, and Eastern University.
Since 2007, the Radnor Township School District has been entangled in a lawsuit alleging violation of the Right to Know Law. The suit alleged that Radnor resident Judy Sherry had requested, and was denied, a copy of an administrative-compensation report drafted by the Pennsylvania School Boards Association. The report had resulted in some district administrative staff receiving raises, but the district maintained that the report was not subject public disclosure. Since filing of the suit, updates were made to the Right to Know Law, and the district has since released the report to a local newspaper. It is not known whether the release of these documents will end the Sherry case.
Cases arising out of Radnor Township end up in one of two courts within the county. The Delaware County Court of Common Pleas handles felonies, misdemeanors, domestic relations, probate, juvenile matters, and civil disputes, although amounts less than $8,000 are generally handled by the small claims court, which is housed within the Delaware County Magisterial District Judge Courts. The District Courts with jurisdiction over Radnor are located in Wayne and Newton Square. In addition to small claims, they also handle felonies, misdemeanors, and traffic and other ordinance violations.
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