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Learn More About Milton, PA

Nested in Northumberland County, PA, the borough of Milton was founded in 1771 and is home to 7,042 residents based on the 2010 Census. The town has become known for its resilience after having endured through two major natural disasters: a major fire in 1880 that decimated most of the downtown, and the infamous Hurricane Agnes in 1872 that flooded the low-lying areas of the downtown.

The small and seemingly quiet historical town does have a relatively higher crime rate when compared to the state and national average.

The town has recently made news when a man filed a lawsuit against the Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg. The lawsuit named the former and the current Bishops of the Harrisburg Diocese but didn’t name the two now-deceased priests that, allegedly, repeatedly raped and sexually abused the victim at St. Joseph’s Church in Milton when he was 9 years old. According to the victim’s lawyer, the church offered $176,000 in compensation, but the attorney remarked that it simply was not enough.

If you are dealing with any legal issue, it’s best to know the resources and options available to you in Milton, PA. You can check for legal resources in the Milton Public Library. You may also visit the Law Library in Lancaster County, which is roughly two hours away from Milton and is open to the public. Likewise, you can check LegalMatch’s Online Law Library, which contains over 10,000 articles that may help you with your particular legal concern.

For those in need of legal aid but can’t afford to pay a lawyer, there are organizations and legal clinics that offer free legal services to those in Milton. North Penn Legal Services, located in Sunbury, PA, offers pro bono services to low-income families in Northeastern Pennsylvania and covers consumer, divorce, education, elder, family, and real estate law. Additionally, The Women’s Center Inc., located in Bloomsburg, also offers pro bono legal aid and specializes in cases of domestic violence and family law.

However, the main issues with these organizations are their rigorous screening process and having to depend on the availability of a volunteer lawyer. So, if you’re facing a demanding legal issue or concern, hiring a lawyer to help you right away would be a wise decision.

Through LegalMatch, you can eliminate the guesswork and make searching for a qualified and experienced lawyer much easier. LegalMatch can assist you in finding the right lawyer to aid you with your particular case.

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