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Learn More About Erie County, PA

Erie County is home to 285,000 Pennsylvanians who enjoy Pennsylvania’s newest and oldest state parks, Erie Bluffs State Park and Presque Isle State Park, respectively. Erie County isn’t all state parks despite boasting the best steelhead fishing in North America; the GE Transportation World Headquarters is the largest employer in Erie County.

A number of lawyers who are familiar with local Erie County court procedures also call this standout community home. Lawyers in Erie County take a broad selection of cases including child custody, estate administration, wrongful termination, automobile accident injury, and drafting wills and trusts.

Recently in Erie County, three women filed a lawsuit in Federal Court against the Erie County Office of Children and Youth. The lawsuit alleges that Erie County infringed on their civil rights by targeting the women for furloughs as part of restructuring. Of the six administrators placed on furlough, all were women. The furloughed women are seeking their original positions, wage compensation, and damages in the case.

If you have a discrimination case in Erie County, you’re likely to file it with the Court of Common Pleas which is the highest trial level court with which to file in the state of Pennsylvania. Common Pleas Court is responsible for tort, contract, real property, probate, civil cases like lawsuits, domestic relations cases like divorce and child support, criminal cases like DUI and felony charges, and retains exclusive jurisdiction over juvenile cases.

LegalMatch is the premier method of selecting an excellent Erie County lawyer who’s able to help you solve any legal issue that you may be facing. LegalMatch provides a number of online legal resources like the online law library on nearly every type of case, tips on selecting a lawyer, and a great legal blog.

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