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Learn More About Wilkes-Barrevv, PA

Wilkes-Barre is home to Mr. Peanut, the famous icon of Planters Peanut Company that was established in 1906. The history of Wilkes-Barre is older than Mr. Peanut with its foundation in 1769 and formal incorporation in 1806. The discovery of coal reserves in the area spurred significant migration seeing the growth of the city.

As the seat of Luzerne County and the second largest in the Wyoming Valley, the city government encourages resident participation in beautification facade improvement programs, humanitarian causes, and other community extension activities. With several educational institutions, including Wilkes University, situated in the city, law enforcement is the collaboration of the government and citizens. Susquehanna River provides a background for Luzerne County Courthouse.

If you live in Wilkes-Barre and encounter legal issues, the assistance of an attorney would be very helpful. Finding a lawyer in Wilkes-Barre helps to reduce the stress or anxiety legal cases may bring into your life. You must know what are the legal options available to you.

Knowledge gets you grounded and confident on what action you should take. Visit the Wilkes-Barre Law & Library Association to gather the information you need regarding your legal circumstances. There are other libraries where you can get additional information, including D. Leonard College Library, Luzerne County Library, and the E.S. Farley Library.

You can also start getting information from online sources. LegalMatch Online Law Library has more than 10,000 articles on various legal topics for you to figure out the best option you have about your case. The advantage of using an online law library is saving you the time skimming and scanning through large volumes of legal books and documents. LegalMatch Online Law Library simplifies the research process with just a few clicks.

If you think getting a lawyer is not financially feasible, visit the Wilkes-Barre Family Legal Aid & Pro Bono Services of the Wilkes-Barre Bar Association or the North Penn Legal Services – a pro bono initiative for the Luzerne County. Exploring the Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network (PLAN) is another option; PLAN has volunteer lawyers in Wilkes-Barre to represent you in court.

Pro bono services may not be the best option for your legal case. If you want to get the best legal help, you may consider hiring a qualified and experienced lawyer to represent you before the court. LegalMatch lists only competent and experienced lawyers to help you. Just post the details of your case for us to match you with a lawyer who has knowledge and experience in handling cases like yours.

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