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Learn More About Erie, PA

Some call Erie, PA the gem city and others call it the Flagship City. Regardless of which name you choose, Erie is becoming one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the nation. Not only does Erie offer an array of recreational activities but it also boasts some of the best schools and hospitals in the city.

The city of Erie is located on the banks of Lake Erie and is visited by roughly four million tourists every year. Presque Isle State Park in combination with Lake Erie have made this once heavily manufacturing oriented city shift to tourism as its driving force in its economy. Not only does Erie offer a plethora of recreational activities but it is also home to Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine which has one of the largest enrollments of medical students in the nation. Erie also holds one of the best ranked hospitals in the nation, as well as one of the only free standing community cancer treatment centers in the nation.

In recent news, Erie lawyers have filed a lawsuit against a dozen police officers in Erie County. The plaintiff was leaving her home around 1:45 AM when she was stopped by a dozen officers in her driveway, told to lay on the ground with guns pointed in her direction, and handcuffed. The police officers were looking for a robbery suspect at the time and the plaintiff’s vehicle happened to match the description they had received of the robber’s vehicle. After putting her in handcuffs the police officers allegedly entered her home without a warrant, and pointed their guns at her ten year old son who was asleep in his bed. The police officers could face a period of suspension as well as fines if they are held responsible for this incident.

Erie lawyers can help you with any legal issue, including business law, family law, environmental law, criminal law, and many more.

If you are ever contemplating a lawsuit in Erie, then the Court of Common Pleas is where you will mostly likely start the process. This court serves the greater Erie County and handles issues in juvenile probation, domestic relations, and adult probation. The Court is run by the court administration which is divided into three sections, the district court, trial & family divisions, and magisterial district judges’ offices.

If you are currently anticipating a suit then finding the right Erie lawyer is essential. Let help you find the right attorney for your particular case. LegalMatch removes many of the obstacles in finding the right attorney. Not only do we pre-screen all lawyers, but just by filing out an intake form, and telling us a little bit about yourself we can match you up with an experienced lawyer at no cost to you!

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