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Learn More About Pottstown, PA

Located in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, Pottstown is a borough situated 40 miles northwest of Philadelphia. Originally named Pottsgrove after its founder John Potts, the town was renamed in 1815 when it was incorporated as a borough.

Today, Pottstown is known as the center of a productive dairying and farming region. Several Pottstown establishments are part of the National Register of Historic Places, including the Pottstown Roller Mill and High Street Historic District. Additionally, the Pottstown District Court is located at 1 Security Plaza and is open Monday through Friday.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are over 25,000 lawyers employed in Pennsylvania, some of whom are based in Pottstown. When you are facing legal charges affecting your employment, citizenship, or rights, there are many Pottstown attorneys you can hire to help your case.

There are many attorney services available covering a wide array of legal services including employment law, arbitration and mediation, civil rights, immigration law, medical malpractice, white-collar crime, and more.

Not long ago, a Pottstown couple filed a lawsuit against the Montgomery County borough alleging violation of their privacy following unreasonable inspection of their rental home as per the county’s housing-code compliance. As of January 8, 2020, the borough lost the latest round of this ongoing court battle, which is challenging the continuity of the established inspection ordinance.

If you are unable to afford legal services, you have the option to avail of legal aid or pro bono services through the Legal Aid of Southeastern Pennsylvania. For education, employment, and real estate cases, the Community Justice Project offers legal assistance. Other organizations offering affordable legal services include Laurel House and Berks Women in Crisis for family and domestic violence cases.

You can also learn more about your case through free resources available to the public. The Pottstown Regional Public Library contains law resources like academic journals, reports, and books. Additionally, the Montgomery County Library also offers legal resources and references services to locate informative reading materials that may help your case.

Another option is the LegalMatch Law Library which contains valuable information. Containing over 10,000 articles, you can gain access to free detailed information and insights that may help your case.

When you are facing a pressing legal issue, it’s always ideal to seek immediate legal assistance. Through LegalMatch’s lawyer-client matchmaking service, you can find a Pottstown attorney to help you with your particular case.

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