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Learn More About Montgomery County, PA

Montgomery County was formed in 1784, and is currently the third most heavily populated county in Pennsylvania with about 750,000 residents. The origins of Montgomery County’s name are unclear. Some say Montgomery County was named after Richard Montgomery, a famous general in the American Revolutionary War. Others claim that Montgomery County was named after Montgomeryshire, a Welsh county named for one of William the Conqueror’s primary counselors, Roger de Montgomerie.
Montgomery County is in the 38th Judicial District. A qualified Montgomery County lawyer will know how to navigate the Montgomery County courts, and will be familiar with the local rules of court. For example, Rule 1940.3 specifies that in custody or visitation cases where an agreement cannot be reached during a Custody Conciliation Conference, the parties must attend a custody mediation orientation. However, this rule does not apply to cases where domestic abuse was inflicted on a party or a party’s child while the action was pending or within the past 24 months.
Recently, a Montgomery County Court formed an agreement with a Montgomery County resident, under which the resident is forbidden from holding any constable or deputy posts within Pennsylvania for life. This agreement, which also included a probationary sentence, was made in exchange for the dismissal of certain criminal charges brought against the man in Montgomery County for impersonating a police officer. The Montgomery County man must also serve 50 hours of community service under the agreement. is the nation’s premier client-attorney matching service. has the ability to quickly and effectively screen Montgomery County lawyers, and locate the ones who are most appropriate for your case. is also a legal resource for the public.
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